• Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions of Service


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS is pleased to provide laundry service to you ("you" or the "customer"), subject to your compliance with and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read the following provisions carefully. Your use of the Laundry Butlers service indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not so agree, you should inform us and cease using the service immediately. This agreement is strictly between LAUNDRY BUTLERS and its customers and does not in any way constitute or imply any relationship with any other parties.


    1. Preparing Your Laundry for Pick Up
    2. Delivery Schedule
    3. Designated Drop Off
    4. Pick Up and Delivery, Procedure and Terms
    5. Missed/Unattended Pickup or Delivery
    6. Email Verification and PayPal Payments
    7. Refunds
    8. Inventory Sheets
    9. Garment Care
    10. Loss or Damage
    11. Use of Third-Party Service Providers
    12. Disclaimer
    13. Arbitration



    Preparing Your Laundry for Pick Up

    Laundry Pick Up Procedure and Terms- Customer agrees to include only (1) or More Bag(s) of washable items in a “wash and fold” bag (s) and (2) Dry Cleaning items that must be dry-cleaned only must be labeled "DRY CLEAN".If you prefer Laundered and Pressed @ dry Cleaners please place in A SEPARATE bag (3) labeled “launder & press - light starch - medium starch etc.." Any delicates (4) items that require special wash and line or air dry instructions. Please label Delicates Bag (4) "Delicates". 


    "If you would like items to be washed with specific instructions please specify by pinning a note to a specific garment or bag and also providing a note in your Laundry Schedule Pickup Box and on your inventory sheet. If Customer does not have a LAUNDRY BUTLERS bag available, Customer may leave clothing for pick-up in any available bag that can be secured and tied accordingly. Customer provided plastic trash bags will not be returned to Customer. It is Customer’s responsibility to package all clothing for every laundry pick-up. Appointed LAUNDRY BUTLERS representatives will pick-up your laundry at the appointed location and time slot requested according to your Laundry Schedule Pickup instructions.


    Upon second delivery LAUNDRY BUTLERS will provide a laundry bag for continuing services.



    Note: All laundry must be packaged for transportation by “customer. “ LAUNDRY BUTLERS does not pick-up any laundry in (open) containers such as baskets, hampers, open Ikea bags, sheets, mesh bags etc…. All Laundry must be tied in a bag which is tied "completely closed" to ensure no items can fall out during transportation. Drivers are not required to package your laundry.  "Customer" is responsible for having laundry ready for pickup @ the time they have requested. Wet laundry is not accepted for pickup. This is very important to ensure the safety of employees when lifting laundry from a residence or business into a vehicle.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS has the right to refuse to pick-up laundry and/ or refuse service if the following packaging requirements are not met on request.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS has a daily set pickup schedule to meet for both pickup and delivery - if laundry is not ready or available for pickup "customer" is responsible for rescheduling service @ another time.




    Delivery Schedule – Missed Delivery $10 Charge

    LAUNDRY BUTLERS pick-ups and deliveries will occur:

    Monday thru Friday from 8AM - 8PM.  Laundry pickup must be scheduled in advance by the customer.


    The LAUNDRY BUTLERS needs access to secured buildings with intercom access to successfully pickup and deliver your laundry. If "Customer" is not listed in intercom directory access from a telephone entry system - we "have no way" enter the premises to complete your laundry pick-up nor deliveries.


    There is no "Drop Off" and "Pick Up" Laundry Service at this time. There no service outside of regular business hours. Our "true intention" was/is that "We make laundry simple!" These guidelines are intended to help keep it simple for LAUNDRY BUTLERS.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to determine pick-up and delivery times at its discretion and reserves the right to reschedule such times with or without prior notice to "Customer". LAUNDRY BUTLERS provides customers with pickup and deliveries in slots of times only, and not specific exact times for pickup and/or delivery schedules.


    Customers must have items ready to be picked up and packaged properly and tied up in bags in a manner to ensure nothing can/will fall out of the bag provided.


    Customers must be able to accept pickup and/or deliveries from 7:00AM to 7:00PM and/or setup a "Safe Designated Drop-Off Points" with explicit "written" instructions on their scheduled Laundry Service Pickup Request which will only be followed with customers full consent and permission in writing on your Laundry Pickup Request. No designated "drop off" instructions will be accepted verbally. Please keep in mind that "Designated Drop off Points" must be safe place to leave your laundry and able to be used in all weather conditions.


    Any delivery request(s) agreed to outside of normal business hours is at the discretion of LAUNDRY BUTLERS. There may be additional costs for off-hour services to help us offset the cost of an employee / driver after hours. Delivery outside of normal business hours is not mandatory for LAUNDRY BUTLERS to service customers.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS has the right to refuse service in any condition which is deemed unsafe for our employees.


    Designated Drop-Off

    All designated "Drop-Off Locations" are designated by "customer" and must be setup on your Laundry Pickup Request forms listed under Designated Drop-off box provided. No verbal instructions will be taken for your safety.


    Customer chooses pickup and delivery schedule on LAUNDRYBUTLERS.COM website and confirmation of request will proceed the pick-up/delivery time schedule to Customer.



    Pick Up and Delivery, Procedure and Terms

    LAUNDRY BUTLERS will provide the customer with laundry bags and identification cards. LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right not to pick up items that are not in these bags, but may decide to pick up such items in its sole discretion.


    The customer agrees not to include any of the following that are in or attached to any of the items to be cleaned or inside any of the customer’s laundry bags: (i) non-washable items, (ii) items that are labeled for hand washing and/or dry-cleaning only, or (iii) any other items not meant for laundering or dry-cleaning. The customer is responsible for any and all damage caused by any items left in the customer’s clothing or laundry bag that cause damage to the clothing of any customer, the cleaning machines, or any other property of LAUNDRY BUTLERS or its customers.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for, and shall not pay for, any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended by the customer for pickup or delivery. The customer is responsible for ensuring that his/her LAUNDRY BUTLERS laundry bag is in the possession of a LAUNDRY BUTLERS employee, and for initialing the pickup and delivery confirmation sheets unless otherwise instructed by LAUNDRY BUTLERS.


    Missed/Unattended Pick-up or Delivery 

    Customer may contact LAUNDRY BUTLERS to arrange a“2nd Delivery” additional Delivery charge is $10.00 for second delivery attempt to help off-set cost of a driver for a second delivery. LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for and shall not pay for, any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended for pick-up-or drop-off, whether left by Customer or LAUNDRY BUTLERS as Designated drop-off is done only with full permission and at the discretion of the customer and/as relayed to LAUNDRY BUTLERS.


    Email Verification and PayPal Payments

    Payment processing was put in to effect with careful consideration in order to offer both safety and convenience to our customers due to the fact that (83% ) of our clients are not on the (home) premises at time of pick-up and/or delivery. In order to provide the convenience of delivery of service the following payment options prior to delivery apply:


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS sends a "verification email" in order to verify the email address prior to sending a PayPal invoice. If in fact the email verification is not verified LAUNDRY BUTLERS has the right to "hold off" on beginning your laundry services until verification of email address has been completed. A last attempt will be made via "text message" to the telephone number you provided in order in a last effort to complete email verification.


    Minimum Requirement 30 LB Free Pickup and Delivery


    Free Pickup and Delivery is (30 lb minimum) Wash-N-Fold laundry service which covers the costs associated with service pickup, laundering, folding, packaging and delivery. 


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to charge for 30lbs according to service if laundry is underweight and charge for customer choice of- same day, next day or 2 day service whichever the customer’s choice is. No other laundry may be added after laundry service has begun. Due to costs associated for employee wages, washing machines cost and detergent costs for additional washes. 


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to bill customers prior to delivery for laundry services rendered and also request payments be completed prior to delivery of each order.


    (1) Customers will be billed by "emailed invoicing" using PayPal online. All emails are sent to the email provided by the "Customer". It is sole responsibility for customers to provide proper email addresses for proper payment processing and delivery notification purposes. All PayPal invoices are due upon receipt. All payments must be processed and completed online before delivery times.


    No payment buttons are on our website primarily for customer safety and our safety. We bill at our time known to specific involved persons only.


    (2) Payments may be accepted by credit or debit card by PayPal only prior to delivery. Cash on Delivery is not available in "consideration of the safety of" our employees.


    (3) Auto-Pay Customers who wish to use Auto-Pay must maintain a valid credit or debit card number on file with LAUNDRY BUTLERS. Customer hereby authorizes LAUNDRY BUTLERS to charge its credit or debit card for all charges for any given service prior to delivery of services. Customer consents to the billing of its credit or debit card for such charges, and agrees to pay for all services.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to change billing terms at any time without prior notice.


    If LAUNDRY BUTLERS is unable to collect payment for services prior to delivery, LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to withhold delivery until such time as payment is completed for all services performed and ready for delivery. LAUNDRY BUTLERS retains the right to cancel the laundry service at any time we deem necessary. 


    If a client’s bill remains unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days from the billing date, LAUNDRY BUTLERS may exercise its right to add a laundry service charge of ten percent (10% ) for laundry storage fees to the unpaid balance. Customer agrees to be responsible to pay all of our reasonable costs of storage and collection of any unpaid balances.


    Non-Payment of Services- All invoices are sent via PayPal for your safety and convenience. All payments are due upon receipt. Laundries are washed in the order of priority (Date of Delivery) by client and payment completion. LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to cancel service due to non-payment of services on the day of delivery if payment has not been completed. A notice of cancellation will be sent out from PayPal to the email address (*Customer) is required to provide a schedule for "drop off" of laundry in the condition it was received.


    Re-Cleaning and Refunds

    We exercise utmost care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing.


    In dry cleaning and laundering we cannot guarantee against color loss, color bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to weak and tender fabrics. Responsibility is also disclaimed for trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons, bells and sequins. LAUNDRY BUTLERS liability regarding any damaged items shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition.

    Re-Cleaning Policy within two (2) days after delivery, you may return any wash-n-fold or dry cleaned items if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our cleaning, and we will re-clean them free of charge.


    All household items, leather and suede garments are cleaned 100% at customer’s own risk.


    We issue a full refund to our customers in the case of loss under the premises of:

    (1)  The total replacement cost not exceed a dollar amount of ten times the charge of cleaning

    (2)  The lost item entity not fall under the umbrella of household, leather or suede item



    Inventory Sheets

    Inventory sheets for each pickup are available at www.LaundryButlers.com. Inventory sheets are to be used for the sole purpose of keeping track of items. LAUNDRY BUTLERS, in its sole discretion, may chose not to fulfill requests put on inventory sheets.


    All information provided on the inventory sheets by the customer shall be accurate in every way. LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for any items not listed on the inventory sheets. The customer agrees to complete an inventory sheet for all items inside the LAUNDRY BUTLERS laundry bag. If any items are left without an inventory sheet, LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to complete one based on the items inside the bag without notice to the customer.


    If there is a discrepancy between what is listed on any inventory sheet and the actual items left in the bag, LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right change the inventory sheet and, based on a careful examination, make the final determination about the actual contents of the bag without notice to the customer. The customer hereby consents to any such changes. LAUNDRY BUTLERS does not consent to the accuracy of any inventory sheet completed by the customer.



    Garment Care

    LAUNDRY BUTLERS will use reasonable efforts to maintain a high quality cleaning service.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS accepts no liability for damage due to normal cleaning of items without care instructions, and accepts no liability for items treated in accordance with the care labels or other instructions provided. LAUNDRY BUTLERS accepts no liability for "special care" items that include special attention to be cleaned or that does not have care instructions; provided, however LAUNDRY BUTLERS will take special care of items that are placed in a separate plastic bag (provided by the customer) located within the customer’s laundry bag if the plastic bag is clearly labeled "delicates."


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for clothing bleeding, shrinking, or otherwise changing as a result of normal washing procedures. Precautions will be taken to alleviate these problems if possible. LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to refuse to clean any garment. LAUNDRY BUTLERS does not guarantee the removal of all stains. LAUNDRY BUTLERS will have its cleaning service re-clean items that, in its sole discretion, were not properly cleaned and have not been worn since they were cleaned. LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in the clothing or laundry bags such as money, jewelry, or any other item. The customer agrees not to leave such items in its clothing or in its laundry bags.



    Loss or Damage

    In the rare instance that your garment is lost or damaged by LAUNDRY BUTLERS, we will issue you a refund or credit for the value of that garment, as specified in the National Fair Claims Guide from the International Fabricare Institute ("IFI"). This guide takes into account the average life of the garment, depreciation for the age of the item, and the current replacement cost. If the customer is unable to document the age of a garment, the customer can attest to the age but LAUNDRY BUTLERS, in its sole discretion, may limit the minimum age of any garment to one year. If no current replacement cost is available (e.g., because the item is no longer available in stores), LAUNDRY BUTLERS may use the replacement cost of a comparable item currently available. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the maximum reimbursement for each individual item is $200. Although LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not liable for damage or loss due to the fault of its third-party cleaners or service providers, we may, in our sole discretion, chose to reimburse the customer in these events pursuant to the IFI standards described above.

    We are not liable for any pre-existing damage to garments. If we find any pre-existing damage or have a concern about the colorfastness, or the age or weakness of the fabric, we will contact you to obtain your approval before proceeding to care for the item. If we are unable to obtain your authorization in a timely manner, then we may return the item without cleaning it.

    Missing or damaged items must be reported to us within three (3) days of delivery of the item(s). If you believe that LAUNDRY BUTLERS is in possession of an item but we have no record of its pickup, we request that you inform us immediately so we can start an investigation and you can search at home. If, after seven (7) days, the item has not been found, we may compensate you for the loss of the item in accordance with the IFI guide, at our discretion.

    Use of Third-Party Service Providers

    LAUNDRY BUTLERS or its associates will deliver the customer’s items to and from a laundering and dry-cleaning service of LAUNDRY BUTLERS choice. LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to utilize any outsourcer, vendor, or outside service provider, for any service, in its sole discretion, without notice to the customer. LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for, and will not be held liable for, any damage or loss due to the acts or omissions of its vendors, third party outsourcers, or service providers.





    LAUNDRY BUTLERS liability shall be limited to general money damages in a maximum amount not to exceed the charges for the term of service paid by the customer during the term in which the damages are alleged to have occurred. This liability shall be the extent of LAUNDRY BUTLERS liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute the customer’s exclusive remedy. In no event will LAUNDRY BUTLERS be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental or punitive loss or damages, whether or not LAUNDRY BUTLERS knew or should have known of the likelihood of any such loss or damages. LAUNDRY BUTLERS disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the services rendered to the customer.


    Customer acknowledges that LAUNDRY BUTLERS does not catalogue each individual item included within “wash and fold” loads, but instead accounts for “wash and fold” loads received from Customer by weight. LAUNDRY BUTLERS is not responsible for the loss of “wash and fold” or dry clean items. “wash and fold” bag will be weighed before being processed and after Washing your laundry it will be weighted after service is completed to ensure order is complete and nothing is missing from orders before delivery.


    Service Providers/Disclaimer of Certain Liabilities: LAUNDRY BUTLERS reserves the right to utilize any outsourcer, vendor, or outside service provider, for any service, at its sole discretion without notice to Customer.


    We are not responsible for articles not claimed for more than 30 days. Unclaimed garments will be handled in accordance with Texas state regulations.

    We exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which in our opinion are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article. Nevertheless we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or of defects in materials that we are not readily apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly but not exclusively to suedes, leathers, silks, satins, double faced fabrics, vinyl, polyurethanes etc. responsibility also is disclaimed for trimming beads buckles, bells and sequences.

    In laundering we cannot guarantee against color loss and shrinkage or damage against fabrics, differences in count must be reported with ticket presented within 72 hours unless a list accompanied the bundles, our count must be accepted. The company’s liability with respect to any loss or damage article shall not exceed 10 times the charge for processing it. In the event that LAUNDRY BUTLERS loses a complete order, LAUNDRY BUTLERS has the right to request receipts and will pay 50% of the receipt cost on the items in question but will not exceed $300 for the entire order. If customer fails to provide receipts we will compensate at our discretion.


    Hold Harmless/Indemnification: If access to the Customer’s property for delivery of clothing and other specialty items is allowed; Customer hereby waives any and all claims against LAUNDRY BUTLERS and its agents and employees for damage to or loss of use of property that arise as a result of Customer allowing access to its or other’s property for the purpose of delivery. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LAUNDRY BUTLERS and its agents, and employees for any bodily or personal injuries arising from Customer allowing access to its property to LAUNDRY BUTLERS. Entire Agreement/Choice of Law: These terms and conditions may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.




    Except as specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions of Use or elsewhere on this website, or as otherwise required by applicable law, neither LAUNDRY BUTLERS nor its directors, employees, licensors, content providers, affiliates or other representatives will be liable for damages of any kind (including, without limitation, lost profits, direct, indirect, compensatory, consequential, exemplary, special, incidental, or punitive damages) arising out of your use of, your inability to use, or the performance of this website or the Content whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


    LAUNDRY BUTLERS uses reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the Content, but we make no representations or warranties as to the Content’s accuracy, correctness or reliability.


    The LAUNDRY BUTLERS website may include links to other websites. LAUNDRY BUTLERS does not control any such websites and is not responsible for any content contained on any such website or any loss suffered by you in relation to your use of such websites. Customer waives any and all claims against LAUNDRY BUTLERS regarding the inclusion of links to outside websites or Customer’s use of those websites.





    All disputes and differences of any kind arising under these terms and conditions or arising between Customer and LAUNDRY BUTLERS, including the existence or continued existence of this Agreement and the arbitration of a particular issue that the parties cannot settle amicably, shall be submitted to binding arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in Texas and shall finally be settled in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the American Arbitration Association by one arbitrator appointed in accordance with the above mentioned rules. The arbitrator shall be allowed to apportion fees according to the ruling.


    The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction, and no party shall seek redress against the other in any court or tribunal except solely for the purpose of obtaining execution of the arbitral award or of obtaining a judgment consistent with the award. Any costs so incurred shall be paid by the losing party. In the event of legal proceedings, Customer agrees to waive its right to a trial by jury.