• Suede & Leather

  • Genuine suede and leather requires special processing to preserve finish, feel and color. Therefore, you should take your garment to a professional suede and leather cleaner equipped for this type of cleaning. 

    Laundry Butlers specializes in suede and leather care!

  • About Suede & Leather

    During suede or leather cleaning, stains and soil are removed, special oils are replenished, and colors are restored. Each garment is individually cleaned in eco-friendly detergents and organic natural tanning oils created for each garment type to maintain the delicate balance of oil in the animal hide.

    Laundry Butlers color matching experts replace colors, which have been lost during the normal wear-from exposure to elements and through the standard cleaning process. The garment is then pressed using specially designed finished equipment. Each garment is inspected throughout the entire process to ensure that the highest quality of service is achieved.