• Shirt Laundering

  • Laundry Butlers uses launder and press process mainly for cotton button down shirts because cotton fibers typically have minimal reaction to water (no shrinking, shriveling, less deterioration). Also, it is easier to use laundering to remove stains that are commonly found on dress shirts (body oils, perspiration, etc). We use eco-friendly products.

  • How We Process the Order

    1. Inspect garment and place client identification tag
    2. Treat for stains and broken buttons
    3. Sort by colors and water temperature
    4. Add garments, eco-friendly detergents, and place in the machine for dry cleaning or laundering 
    5. Place in the dryer at manufacturer recommended temperature.
    6. Remove from dryer and hand-press
    7. Laundry Tech performs 10 point quality inspection, if garment meets quality control check then it     is package for delivery
    8. If garment fails to meet quality control check then garment is redone until it meets standards