• How Is My Dry Cleaning & Laundry Done?

    A Laundry Butler will pick up your garments in the bag that we provide you. Back at the facility your dry cleaning and/or laundry will be sorted, laundered or wet clean, dried and hand pressed or folded. We then return your dry cleaning or laundry to your door fresh, clean and neatly folded or pressed.

    Do You Charge For the Laundry Bags?

    No. The laundry bags are part of our service and we provide them to all of our regular customers.

    What Type of Dry Cleaning or Laundry Products Do You Use?

    We use the same brand names products that you use at home. The brand may vary from time to time; however, upon request we will use dye free and fragrance free detergents. We use fabric softener in the rinse cycle and in the dryers, unless otherwise requested. There are no additional costs for the softeners. For the Dry-Clean-Only garments we use the Wet Cleaning process. Our computerized washing machines and dryers have fabric speci?c programs that meticulously control the amount of water, soap, conditioner, agitation, heat, humidity and dry time to properly clean and protect even the most delicate  silks and wools. 

    When Will I Get My Laundry Back?

    You will get you laundry back 2-3 business days from the day we pick it up, depending on the time frame you select or your designated route days. Your convenience is our priority, so if you need your clothes earlier please put a note in your garment bag.

    What Happens If I Get My Laundry Back and Something Is Missing or Damaged?

    We care for your clothes as if they were our own. We understand that you are entrusting us with your dry cleaning and/or laundry and your trust is very important to us. Your dry cleaning and/or laundry goes directly from your hands into the facility where your garments are sorted, washed, dried and folded or pressed. Should any problem arise you will be compensated fairly for the loss or damage.

    What Should I Put My Laundry In the First Time I Use Laundry Butlers?

    The first time, put your clothes in a laundry bag if you have one. Or, you can simply place them in trash bags and upon return, we will provide you a laundry bag. Place bags outside by 7:00 am.

    Do I Have To Be Home To Have My Laundry Picked Up and Delivered?

    No, you do not have to be home to have your laundry or dry cleaning picked up or delivered. Simply put your clothes near the front or back door, where the driver can easily find it. If you’re not comfortable leaving it in either of those locations, please contact us to discuss special arrangements.

    Do You Provide Service On Holidays?

    We do not provide service on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Service will resume on the next pick up day following your scheduled pick up day.

    What Are Pick Up and Delivery Times?

    The pick up and delivery times vary by area. Contact your Laundry Butler to find out the route schedule.

    Do I Need To Separate Dry Cleaning from Wash-n-Fold?

    Yes, please separate dry cleaning from wash-n-fold. We will issue you a bag for each when we return your clean clothes.

    How Do I Pay for Service?

    It’s very simple. We email all invoices. Click on the link in the emailed invoice and pay with either PayPal or credit/debit card. All payments must be received before your clean laundry and/or dry cleaning is delivered.

    Do You Offer Same Day Service?

    Yes, we do offer same day service for both dry cleaning and wash-n-fold services, however it will not be delivered until after 5PM and there is a $20 charge for the rush.

    I Don't See My Area, Does That Mean You Won't Provide Service?

    Of Course not, it may mean we haven’t updated our website or developed a regular route in your area yet. Please call, we may require you to have more laundry or incur a pickup/delivery fee. We aim to please.