• Eco-Friendly

  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Wet  Cleaning  is  the  safest  professional  method  of garment cleaning available. The process uses non toxic special biodegradable  detergents  and  fresh  water  to  clean dry-clean-only garments.

    Laundry Butlers is pioneering the most environmentally responsible garment cleaning process available today. Through our Wet Cleaning process.

  • Environmentally Friendly


    We use biodegradable, organic and non-toxic solvent because it's the most practical eco-friendly solution that performs without compromising the quality of our Wet Cleaning process on Dry-Clean-Only items. Wet Cleaning is also impressively gentle with fabrics and has no odor. 

    Laundry Butlers strives to reduce all dry cleaning and laundry waste by using other recyclable and reusable materials throughout our operations as well. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to minimize  impact on our planet without creating additional costs to our customers. 

    • No PERC
    • No Toxins
    • No Hazard Chemicals
    • No Odors
    • No Impact on the Environmental
    • No Pollutants



    Wet Cleaning is very gentle on clothes. You can actually see and feel the difference it makes. Colors don't fade and whites don't gray or yellow the way they do in traditional dry cleaning, even after repeat cleaning. Everything feels better too. Fabrics are smooth and silky, and sweaters feel soft and supple again.  


    Laundry Butlers is a Green America Certified Business. This means we meet the highest standards for social and environmental impacts. Please feel free to visit greenamerica.org/certified or http://greenpages.org/listing/30139/1/laundry-butlers/