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    To see if a colored garment is color-fast, take a dampened   
    cotton ball and dab it on an inside seam. If the color   
    transfers to the cotton ball, launder this garment   
    separately, otherwise you will end up with funny colored   

    To remove blood from clothing, moisten the stain in cold   
    water and apply a liberal layer of meat tenderizer (this   
    will digest the protein in the blood).  Allow to sit for 30   
    minutes and then launder normally. 

    To remove underarm perspiration stains, dissolve 8 - 12   
    aspirin (not Tylenol or Advil!) tablets in warm water.   
    Saturate the stained area and let it soak 10 - 20 minutes.   
    Launder as usual. 

    To remove a grease spot from your clothing you need to   
    pretreat it with dishwashing soap (again, I'm promoting   
    Dawn, but really...I don't work for them...it just works   
    REALLY well on grease!). Rub it in with your fingers.  If it   
    is a particularly grimy grease spot, gently use a toothbrush   
    to really get it into the fibers of the fabric.  Then   
    launder as usual. 

    To whiten cotton shirts and socks, presoak in either a Biz   
    solution of 1 cup of Biz to 2 gallons warm water, or 2   
    tablespoons of dishwashing detergent to 2 gallons of warm   
    water. Soak up to an hour, and then launder as usual. I   
    don't usually recommend a lot of chlorine bleach...while it   
    does whiten your clothing, it also weakens the fibers,   
    causing holes to show up later on.

    Make  it a great day,

    Micaella, Owner of Laundry Butlers

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