• 7 Questions to Ask Your Dry Cleaners

  • 7 Questions You Should Ask A Dry Cleaner Before You Do Business With Them

    #1: Is Their Facility Clean?

    If your dry cleaner doesn't have a clean facility, you can count on their chemicals being overused, dirty and smelly. And when the chemicals are dirty and smelly, your clothes will come out dirty and smelly. So never trust a dry cleaning facility that is dirty. And that goes for their delivery vans too. Peek inside and see if it’s clean. If the owner lets the vans get dirty, he lets his facility get dirty too.

     #2: How Often Should I Dry Clean My Suits?

    There is a myth that your suit pants and coat should be dry cleaned at the same time. This is so untrue. You should only dry clean your pants and not your coat all the time. Your suit coat should be taken off in the car and the office. It should be professionally pressed once or twice a year. Over cleaning it will make it loose it's shape. If your dry cleaner is telling you otherwise, he's lying so he can make more money on you.

     #3: What Is Their Policy On Broken Buttons?

    Everybody replaces buttons for nothing. That's no big deal. But what if you're out of town and you have a broken button. I'm sure you're cursing your dry cleaner when this happens and you should. They should suffer. They should clean your shirt two or three times for free and/or give you a $5 credit on your bill. If they do that, they will be careful to not let as many broken buttons out of their door.

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