• Alternative to Dry Cleaning

  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Wet Cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning available. The process uses non toxic special biodegradable detergents and fresh water to clean dry-clean-only garments.

    What Makes US Different?

    Laundry Butlers uses the Wet Cleaning process, which is the safest garment cleaning process available. Our computerized washing machines and dryers have fabric speci?c programs that meticulously control the amount of water, soap, conditioner, agitation, heat, humidity and dry time to properly clean and protect even the most delicate silks and wools. Clothes that have been wet cleaned have a softer look and feel (and a much better smell) than clothes that have been dry cleaned. After Wet Cleaning, your garments are hand-pressed and beautifully ?nished by our experienced pressers at Laundry Butlers.

    How to Get Started

    Call us today at (972) 200-1289 or visit us online at LaundryButlers.com . Try our service now and get $10 dollars off your dry cleaning – First time customer's only.

    Author: Michelle Hall, Owner of Laundry Butlers